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Sunday, diagnosis September 13: Farmcross – Republic, rx MI
Sunday, October 11: Fit Strip – Marquette, MI
Saturday, October 17 & Sunday, October 18: Keweenaw Cup – Copper Harbor, MI*
Sunday, October 25: Ponycross – Negaunee Township, MI
Sunday, November 1: River Park (Kaufman Sports Complex) – Marquette, MI
Saturday, November 14: Al Quaal – Ishpeming, MI
Sunday, November 15: Old Towne – Negaunee, MI
Saturday, December 5: U.P. Cyclocross Championship – Marquette County, MI
Women’s B, Men C: 1 p.m., Women’s C 1:01 p.m. (30 Min)
Women A, Men B: 1:45 p.m. (40 Min)
Men A: 2:30 p.m. (50 Min)
* The first race of day 2 of the Keweenaw Cup will start at 12 p.m.; subsequent times to be adjusted accordingly.


Points to be awarded as follows:

1st: 35 points
2nd: 31 points
3rd: 28 points
4th: 25 points
5th: 22 points
6th: 20 points
7th: 19 points
8th: – 25th: 18 minus 1 point each, descending to 25th place.
To be eligible for points in the A race, racers must compete on a legitimate cyclocross bike. Not many people would argue that mountain bikes are faster on most of the UPCROSS courses. But this is cyclocross and, if we’re going to race ‘cross, let’s even the playing field.

Series champions will be determined on the basis of a given racer’s best seven of nine races. This allows racers to miss two of the series’ nine races and still remain in contention.

Racers must start at least five of the nine races to be in contention for the series standings. This is intended to help ensure that the series is a series, and that the title (or coveted tenth place) doesn’t go to a rider who does well in a couple races.

Double points will be awarded at the U.P. Cyclocross Championship race.

Price per race is generally $10/race*. Kids under 15 race for free.

Exceptions to the $10/race fee are day one of the Keweenaw Cup ($20 includes dinner; second race $10) and the U.P. Cyclocross Championships ($20 includes post-season celebration).

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