Get Your Groom On

Posted by Admin on December 12, 2015


Fat biking at its finest is more than just five inch wide tires and a load of fun. Sure, view this growing segment of two-wheeled transportation is on the rise, try but where are they ridden? Like any sport in it’s infancy (see snowboarding), patient fat bikers often run into access dilemmas from land users already engrained in their own forms of recreation.

Thankfully, Marquette, Michigan is ahead of the game, embracing winter riding years ago by studding our tires and foot-packing snow covered trails. Six years ago, after being shunned from nordic skiing and snowmobile trails we took matters into our own hands and started grooming snow trails with a snowmobile and “jimmy rigged” pull behind packer. Over time our experience working with land managers and improvement in grooming techniques became second-to-none. Today our grooming strategy is nearly perfected to the point that fat bike leader Trek Bicycle bought the first model for its own experiments.

Fat bikers from all regions have similar issues, and just as many answers. Our goal for the Summit is to combine multiple perspectives and experiences to educate people on multi-use trail solutions while riding some of the best snow around. More groomed singletrack means more fat bikers with less trail user problems. We’d appreciate your help in our attempt to take fat biking to the next level in our region and beyond.

Date: February 19-21 2016

Where: Marquette Michigan 49855