Start the Cycle

Posted by Admin on May 22, 2018

(Article submitted by the Start the Cycle)

The Start The Cycle Bike Team, now beginning their 6th season, has a lot to be proud of. Having competed in 5 Ore To Shore races, all 4 of the 906 Polar Roll fat tire bike races, all 3 of the Iron Range Rolls, 2 Winter NTN Wild Side fat tire bike races and 2 CycloCross events, all together we have had over 150 finish line crossings. 2018 is gearing up to be our best year yet!

We are happy to announce the addition of a Mobile Unit/Trailer! The mobile unit will not only provide transportation and storage of equipment, but will serve at the local trailheads as our riding basecamp. A workbench being built and installed by North Oak Manufacturing will make repairs and maintenance on the trail much more convenient. After achieving our own 501(c)3 Non-Profit status in 2016, donations, grants and sponsorships have made it possible for our team to expand our outreach and be more mobile than ever.

Each year 10-14 new members are interviewed and selected for the Start The Cycle team. Orientation and indoor training/team building gets underway in April. The team is taught bike maintenance and repair, along with trail etiquette. Start The Cycle provides a bike, hydration pack, helmet, gloves, race and practice jerseys, padded riding pants and 20 weeks of trail riding with trained volunteer mentors. All of this is supplied by fundraising and donations and there is no charge to the participants.

The end of the season is marked by the completion of the 28 mile Ore To Shore Mountain Bike Race in August. Once the team members cross the finish line, they get to keep all of the equipment. Next there is opportunity to be selected for the Winter Fat Tire Bike Team and if they keep their equipment in satisfactory condition for the following year, they are invited to take their place as a returning team member to set new goals and mentor our new team members.

Look for our new mobile unit at local trailheads and biking events! Volunteers and team members will be happy to give you a tour. And remember, our team members are trained to help you with tire repairs, broken or dirty chains, or just a friendly smile!

Start The Cycle would like to Thank our volunteers, mentors, sponsors and donors for their continued support and making this all possible. Together, we are Building Community through Biking!