MTB Capital of Michigan

Posted by Admin on March 10, 2016

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UPMTB Supplementary Commentary (edited 3-11): Anytime you put a label on a town that places it in a higher status than the surrounding towns it’s going to spark a debate. published an article on March 7th (see link above) that listed the “Mountain Bike Captials of the United States.”

How these best mountain bike destinations were determined was by crunching massive database on trail info and reviews along with a previous survey conducted last year. In addition the editorial team discussed:
“The quality and quantity of mountain bike trails available in each specific area.
Current trail access issues and any recent hostility toward mountain biking.
The general popularity of a given destination with today’s mountain bikers.
Amenities and infrastructure to support mountain biking tourism, including bike shops, shuttle services, craft beer, restaurants, lodging, and more.”

For Michigan, Marquette was chosen to received that honor. It’s didn’t help that most of the Keweenaw Peninsula was cut off the map where Copper Harbor, higher up in the IMBA Epic Trail status, is located. However, Marquette seems like a fitting location for our State’s Mountain Bike Captial.

Give it’s history in the mountain bike scene, going back to the 1980s, the local bicycle culture, adequate food/craft beer/lodging infrastructure and incredible singletrack opportunities that extend year-round, Marquette has strong credentials to represent the Great Lakes State.

Putting egos aside, think of Marquette being the hub of mountain biking for the state. To go there you need to pass through (or close enough to) other places that also offer/or soon to offer incredible mountain bike experiences. So yes, let’s embrace Marquette as the MTB Capital and build on it so the entire region can benefit.