Marji Gesick, Sept. 26

Posted by Admin on September 14, 2015

From: Marji Gesick website

Marji Gesick 100 & Marji Gesick 50

We anticipate the race will climb a minimum of 10, find 000 feet as riders make their way from North Marquette to Ishpeming. Realistically the total elevation gain could top 11,000 feet. When you hear someone say “It’s all uphill” – they’re not joking!

Now lets talk about the good news. For individuals willing to take on the challenge of the Marji Gesick 100 it’s going to be a memorable day riding through some of the best singletrack you can find anywhere in the Midwest. The race will begin on the North side of Marquette in the Harlow Lake area and will take you through Angry Bear, to the Top of the World and down the Jedi Trail as well as Blue Heron and Collinsville. We’re planning to connect to South Marquette via the city bike path which should afford racers a welcome break before getting into some of the major climbing. South Marquette will greet riders with an immediate climb up the Mount Marquette Road to Scary Trail. You’ll descend Scary to Not-so-Scary and proceed to experience (in no particular order); Gorgeous, Blue Loop, Benson Grade and of course Upper Down Dogger. The race will leave Dogger and enter Carpe Eh’ Diem taking riders deeper into South Trail favorites such as Pipe Dreams, Yellow (Old Technical Green), Freak-n-Nature, Smiley (we won’t make you climb it), Porkie Pine Pass and more. We promise to piece it together in a fashion that awards you with screaming fast downhills in exchange for the grinding climbs. Our connector from South Marquette to Negaunee is a work in progress – stay tuned.

Resupply and drop bags will be held for racers at Jackson Mine Park in Negaunee (60-ish miles into the race) – also the entry point to trails created and maintained by the Range Area Mountain Bike Association (R.A.M.B.A.). You’re singletrack romp on the west end will take you through the following trails (again in no particular order); The Luge, Flannel Shirt, Grandview, Jackson Trail, End of the Line, Panorama, Coyote Den, Dead Deer, Vid-Land, The Hamptons, Cheese Grater, Enchanted Forest and the Jasper Knob. After the final climb at Jasper Knob racers will reach the top where they will sign the official race register and log their completion time. Racers will be awarded with a panoramic view of the city from atop the Knob before descending back to street level and pedaling a few blocks over to Cognition Brewing and the After-Party.

Why 100 miles uphill? We say “Why not”? Marquette County is home to some pretty amazing bike and ski races – all of which follow the traditional track of Ishpeming to Marquette (or as locals would call it, downhill). The Marji Gesick 100 seeks to showcase Ishpeming, our local history and the rugged beauty of Marquette County. The truth of the matter is – this Marji just might end up being one of the hardest 100-mile efforts out there. What better place to call it home than Marquette County?