Kick up Your Heels: Season 2017 is Here!

Posted by Admin on April 4, 2017

Yes folks, Season 2017 is here! And why you ask is that significant?

It marks the 20th Anniversary of UPMTB aka U.P. Mountain Bike, first launched in the spring of 1997. Published in a 3rd floor apartment on Spruce Street in Marquette, by Dave Ollila & Meredith Ammons Ollila, things haven’t changed much other than the main office has moved to a basement in Negaunee.

Based on the idea of unifying the mountain bike culture and events across the Upper Peninsula, UPMTB seemed to be the oracle of what the future of mountain biking was to become in the region.

The original format was a newspaper tabloid with a simple one color process on the front and back covers with the rest of the pages B&W. Touting on the front cover under What’s Inside read, “The cat is out of the bag.”

The original logo was a hand drawn silhouette of the Upper Peninsula with U.P. Mountain Biking scripted across it. Those 32 pages of newsprint became the catalyst for what UPMTB was to become. A medium for trailheads, bike shops, events and riders to mix together bubbling like a chemical test tube and exploding to the current status of becoming a pretty damn cool place to ride a mountain bike.

Would this have happened without UPMTB? Probably.

It was stated in another mountain bike publication that media isn’t what makes mountain biking. Media is a reflection of the riders and trial builders who put the time and energy into make it. You are the inspiration.

It’s been a privilege to be part of the scene here in the Upper Peninsula and being able to share the experience.

So here it to celebrating 20+ years of mountain biking across the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and looking forward to what the season brings.

See you on the trails.