Posted by Admin on April 7, 2018

The notion of a U.P. Mountain Bike Hall of Fame isn’t new. It’s been tossed around for a few seasons. Chatted up in bike shops, mentioned at race events and discussed over beers at many local breweries.

The concept came up again while the core group of individuals who contribute to UPMTB started making plans for the 20th anniversary last fall. At the time, it was discussed that we should print a story of the Top 20 Influential People who have contributed to mountain biking in the Upper Peninsula. That alone is a daunting task and leave open subjective selection and probably over sight of who would be deserving.

Out of that came up a list of over 15 people who would be easily recognized and mostly likely deserving then it started getting a little more challenging and the likely hood of “what about’ started to arise. As the print date loomed closer and closer the concept changed toward bring it to the public for decision.

Given the nature of people and the likely hood of volunteer participation in such an endeavor we’re going to create a nomination list and then seek additional nomination throughout the summer. The deadline will be Labor Day and the selection committee will then review the nomination at which point will be published online. Examples of who may be considered are athletes, trail builders, event organizers, goodwill ambassadors and land managers.  These are not exclusive categories and additional segments may be brought to light as the process unfolds.

The goal of this is to give recognition to people who stand out as champions of mountain biking for the Upper Peninsula. Giving them a public victory salute and preserving their story for generations who follow. The mountain bike culture has an amazing oral history. Just stop in to any pub or post-ride assembly and you’ll hear many stories and recounts of how that happened one time or why that trail ended up there. By documenting these contributions we’ll be able to post the stories online for everyone to share in and remember.

Key points for nominations must include:

  • Contributions must directly relate to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan mountain bike culture.
  • Individuals must have a proven track record of continued contribution. Not just one time notoriety. The contribution should have history as well as a continuing influence on the way mountain biking has impacted the Upper Peninsula.
  • The contribution must be able to stand the test of time, shift the way things are done and have a lasting impact on the region.
  • In some case a group or organization can be nominated as a representation of an event or continued program that strengthens the mountain bike culture in the Upper Peninsula.
  • Athlete nominations need to have more than just an impressive race record or event portfolio, contributions must reflect how the Upper Peninsula inspired them to pursue their quest and how they have given back to the Upper Peninsula mountain bike culture through inspiration and impact.
  • Individuals do not need to reside in the Upper Peninsula or be originally from the U.P., but their contributions need to have significant influence to the region and lasting impact.

Send nominations to: upmountainbiking@gmail.com